Zurich Main Station : Habitat, Timetable  Zurich Main Station : Habitat, Timetable  Zurich Main Station : Habitat, Timetable  Zurich Main Station: Departure table  This was the mechanical departure table in the transverse hall. The picture was taken at one of the seldom moments when all panels changed their messages at the same time. The destinations panels rotated every three or four minutes, keeping the table up-to-date. The producing company closed some years ago and for technical reasons the table had to be replaced in 2015 with a digital one. The magic of the rotating panels and their rattle is lost. : Railway-Station, Habitat 
Zurich Main Station: Giant clock over the meeting point  Like the most clocks in the station also this one synchronizes every minute with a central IT system. : Railway-Station, Habitat  Zurich Main Station : The angel  The angel in the main concourse. A creation of Niki de Saint Phalle : Railway-Station, Habitat  Zurich Main Station  The Philosophic Egg  Created by Mario Merz. The number series (called Fibonacci sequence) follows a simple pattern: the addition of a number with is precedent 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5 and so on infinitely. The red lines represent the lifeline of the station, its dynamism and movement. The animals represent the comings and goings at the station and in the world. : Railway-Station, Habitat  Zurich Main Station: Going home  Originally this picture was merely part of an attempt to combine the dark night at the end of platforms and the brightness of the trains. I did not recognized the pastel colors during the shooting. The men in the far back of the picture are hardly visible and all passengers appear as displeasing gray shadows. It looks like the picture would not come into beeing. Suddenly this woman appeared in the bright red sweater, walking very slowly and I press the trigger reflexively, without clear intention . : Habitat, People, Railway-Station 
Zurich Main Station: Connection  In the background, we see the giant clock of the meeting point and the transverse hall. The illuminated circles at the top are part of the artwork "The philosophical egg" by Mario Merz. The work combines nature (animals) and intellect (mathematical serial). In the foreground a young man is standing in front of the three juxtaposed departure displays and touches the screen with his finger; a train to Hardbrücke, the best stop for nightlife in Zurich West. Just behind the display we see the steps of a man with suitcase followed by a woman. This picture discreetly tells a story about the many hometowns in Switzerland and the numerous time slots that connect these locations with the hub of Zurich. : Habitat, People, Railway-Station  Zurich Main Station: Go the familiar way  We are standing in front of the main facade of the Zurich station and look toward the pharmacy's windows. Huge and obvious shadows behind the glass; people swallowing medicaments. Five meters to the left is the main entrance and just behind us, the taxi station and a bit farther the Bahnhofstrasse. Most people walk very fast from the tramway to the main hall, such as the red-haired lady. Some get off the taxi. The cyclists on the right may have just crossed the concourse. Almost in the center stands a man dressed entirely in black. Facing the wall he has been making order in his backpack for quite a long time. Homeless or low-budget tourist? : Habitat, People, Railway-Station  Zurich Main Station: in, out and passing by  At main entrance there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. To cross the station forecourt quickly, you need good elbows and quick reactions. In this area most pedestrian move with the same fast pace. The young man leaning on the wall has waited for a long time and unfortunately in vain.  The camera is placed on a retracted tripod close to the ground in order to catch as much space as possible. Many people run a hair's breadth away from me and the camera. The shutter speed is set to ½ second, which makes some pedestrians appearing like long and bright clouds. I'm expecting colorfully dressed people, but they don't appear so frequently anmore. Dark clothes are in vogue. I trust my lucky star. : Habitat, People, Railway-Station  Zurich Main Station: standing waiting moving  The meeting point at the Railway station in Zurich where so many people wait for and find each other : Habitat, People, Railway-Station 
Zurich Main Station : Alfred Escher memorial  Alfred Escher (1819 - 1882) was a Swiss politician, business leader and railways pioneer. The Alfred Escher memorial was originally facing the railway passengers coming out of the station, welcoming them. The influent people of the Bahnhofstrasse didn't appreciate to look at the back of the statue and requested the cantonal parliament to turn it around (KR-Nr. 156/1999). This is the reason why the little boy below reaches laurels to an Escher that now turns his back on him. : Railway-Station, Habitat  Zurich Main Station: Near and Far  I'm awaiting here the next train to come in; I want to catch poeple boarding the train. Suddenly the complete hall is empty, no train at all at the 18 plattforms. The spaciousness leaves me amazed and I almost overlooked a hearted scene right in front of me. At first the ever-changing advertising fits more or less to the mother an her baby and not at all for the seated businessman. A bit later everything fits perfectly but the pedestrian traffic stops. Fortunately, there is enough milk in the bottle for the baby so I can wait further. One more minute which seems to me like an eternity but I want this image! And now finally all elements harmonize! It lasts only a short moment and again a train comes in, but the picture is done. : Habitat, People, Railway-Station  Zurich Main Station: Boarding Outland  The idea sounds simple ; search a long distance train in order to photograph older passengers exiting and struggling with larges luggages. But guessing where on the long platform a train door will open reveals to be difficult. At least I now know where the passengers get on board but then I can't see their faces when they climb on. Now my lucky star makes a miracle again. A group of young men takes time and quickly one even looks up at the scoreboard. The half of the final picture is taken. I wait ten more minutes and capture the train during departure exactly from the same place. : Habitat, People, Railway-Station  Zurich Main Station: Between streams  We are in the transverse hall near the exit Löwenstrasse. 3pm; the peak period has not started yet. I have chosen this place at this moment because of the sun light and the wide space surrounding her. Myrtha's gray dress fits thanks to the sunshine well into the blue and gray surroundings. She is thoughtful and calm. She regularly walks back avoiding the direct sun rays that would otherwise flood her face. Many people make a big loop around us, or they stop and wait politely until I take the picture. In fact I need them to walk, so I give them a signal, nodding briefly. Passersby smile, thank and go further. : Habitat, People, Railway-Station, Myrtha