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Imagery Place

Collection of pictures by Bernard and Myrtha Garon

What you will find here

  • Our best pictures of nature and urban sceneries covering our two homelands; Canada and Switzerland.
  • Collections of pictures about differents subjects like the Zwicky Areal Unit, Zurich Railway Station, events in a catholic church and many more.
  • Photo reports were we tell a story with pictures about places like Kindergarten, Market place and garage. 
  • Photo series where a selection of pictures in a specific arrangement tells more than all pictures taken individually.

from coast to coast

We propose a trip through the years, the seasons and the provinces British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.


The places we love

Zwicky Areal Unit

See the growth of a residential area and the people who live here. The area is located in a challenging and unfriendly environnement surrounded by two highways and a busy railway line. Finally it became a place where people love to live in.

The collections 

It's about life, people and nature.See portraits and sceneries about a kindergarten, a railway station, architecture, Figure Skaters, people at work, natural places and many more.  


The life at Catholic Church St-Gallus in Zurich