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Zwicky areal unit

The recently built Zwicky areal unit, is a residential and business development located half in Dübendorf (the new construction) and Wallisellen (the restaurated industrial part). The structure of the new residential part responds to a wide range of expectations such as alternative residential building, collective places and self-determination. This collection follows the changes and the manifestations of life in the entire areal.


Points of reference in the Zurich Main Station

Departures table



Myrtha Garon


Catholic Church St-Gallus; events covered recently



St. Gallen Switzerland, Dreilinden Park

St. Gallen Dreilinden Park


Husemer Lake (Northwest Switzerland)

Husemer lake


Fast Food

Fast Food


Roofscapes in Grächen, Switzerland

Roofs in winter in Graechen


Air Show in Payerne

Air show Payerne