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Imagery Place

Collection of pictures by Bernard and Myrtha Garon

What you will find here

  • Our best pictures of nature and urban sceneries covering our two homelands; Canada and Switzerland.
  • Collections of pictures about differents subjects like the Zwicky Areal Unit, Zurich Railway Station, events in a catholic church and many more.
  • Photo reports were we tell a story with pictures about places like Kindergarten, Market place and garage. More will follow soon.
  • Photo series where a selection of pictures in a specific arrangement tells more than all pictures taken individually.

from coast to coast

We propose a trip through the years, the seasons and the provinces British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.


The places we love

The collections

It's about life, people and nature. We show sceneries about the Zwicky areal unit, the railway station in Zurich, natural places and many more.  

Photo reports; a growing suite

We tell short photo-stories about some very common places

Photo Series

Series are more than collections of photos. Each picture belongs tightly to the others by it's content of course but mainly by the way it has been created, its style and by sharing one language and message with the others.